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Body confidence

Giving you more body confidence

Your boudoir photoshoot at FYEO Portraits will give you bags more body confidence. That's our promise. The therapeutic effects of our body portraiture include giving you the unique chance to see yourself in an artistic new light. 

You'll be directed into poses by your own personal female photographer. She'll show you how incredible your body can really look. You'll be taught how to pose to create the most flattering shapes for your body and you'll be lit with our specialist body-sculpting studio lighting. It's slimming, curve creating and cellulite busting!  

We've made more than 20,000 women feel fabulous about their bodies since 2002. Our flattering, confidence boosting boudoir photography, has a celebrity clientele who trust Alexandra and the FYEO Girls, so you can rest assured of a first class, expert service in our private studios.

Gok Wan'Really Lovely!'

TV celebrity Alesha Dixon, 'The process really boosts confidence!'

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Your confidence boosting photo shoot experience

  • Our photo shoots are designed to show you a new and flattering perspective of your body to give you more confidence.

  • During your photo shoot, you'll be directed into extremely flattering poses by your personal female photographer, so you don't have to know how to pose.

  • The angles and romantic lighting we use promise to flatter your body, so you can relax knowing we will create beautiful photos of you.

  • Seeing your body in this artistic way is a very positive experience, which will leave a lasting positive impression on your self image.
  • Your photo shoot experience will take place in private studio at FYEO®, so you'll feel less self conscious.

  • Our professional studio is very dark, to help you to feel more comfortable whilst in a state of undress

  • During your session, it is just you and your personal female photographer in the room, so this will help you feel more comfortable.

  • Your female FYEO® photographer is an expert body /boudoir photographer, so you're in safe hands.

  • You'll receive professional posture advice, styling and direction into poses that promise to get the best out of your body shape, so whatever your body shape you can feel confident that we'll get the best shapes out of it!

Visit us for a wonderful day out being pampered and made to feel super confident about your body… One to one in your own body sculpting studio, your very own female photographer will treat you to a confidence boosting studio experience that will help you to create a really amazing personal gift. The flattering photos will show you how your body looks in a whole new way, with beautiful flattering lighting to soften and highlight your body accordingly.

Book your photoshoot today for a real confidence boost!

Call a photographer today (we're really friendly!) Telephone 01494 881881 or email us > We'd love to hear from you!

The FYEO Girls are female boudoir photographers, make–up artists, airbrusher's and printers.

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