Your experience

Your studio experience

During your photo shoot, your friendly, professional female photographer will direct you into poses to get the very best out of your body shape. Our specialist skin smoothing lighting and body-sculpting techniques are guaranteed to flatter your body and give you loads of body confidence…

You'll be really comfortable with us. Your photos will be taken by a professional female photographer in our private, black out, private studio where you'll be fully directed the whole time.

Alesha Dixon
"Really boosts confidence!"

Shane Ritchie
"My wife's FYEO pics gave me butterflies."

Gok Wan
"Really lovely!"

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We are a unique British studio, offering unique body-sculpting photo shoots for real women. Women just like you travel from all over the world for our studio experience... 

Your photo shoot experience

  • Your female photographer will direct you into flattering boudoir poses in your own private For Your Eyes Only black-out studio
  • You'll be in and out of the different lingerie you have brought with you and have pictures taken in different skin smoothing lighting
  • After your FYEO photo shoot your photographer will re–touch your pictures and load them onto your private viewing gallery
  • You can choose your favourite FYEO portraits and the presentation option
  • Your chosen FYEO pictures are printed by our in-house boudoir print specialist Natalie
  • Your beautifully presented pictures will be sent to you recorded delivery.


It doesn't matter what size or age you are… it's not a fashion shoot. Your FYEO boudoir pictures will be tastefully lit with skin smoothing lighting and airbrushing is included as standard. You can relax and let your expert female photographer direct you into flattering photographs to treasure! We see lots of plus size ladies in our studios who are all thrilled with the results of the figure flattering, shape sensation poses.

Your Portraits as a sexy gift

Visit thestudio around 6 weeks before you need your gift. Bring along a bag full of all your favourite undies - especially lingerie which has been bought for you by the person you are giving the photos to. To add to the fun of the sexy gift we also suggest you bring things which belong to the recipient of your romantic gift… a favourite shirt and tie, or perhaps some item relating to a hobby - it could be a surf board, fishing rod… football shirt, a rugby ball - anything really! Your friendly female photographer will style you in these outfits, and take photos if you using shape sensation techniques guaranteed to flatter!

Buying a gift voucher

From the moment she arranges her shoot session, your lady will be looked after really well by the FYEO Girls. We will treat her to an amazing experience and a real confidence boost! On the day of her photoshoot, she should arrive with a bag full of accessories for her shoot…We recommend bringing a selection of different lingerie, killer heels and jewellery. After her initial consultation with her female body-sculpting photographer, your lady will be treated to a professional make-up makeover before her photo shoot. It's normal for people to feel a little nervous before - but all our clients leave feeling totally euphoric! After her shoot she will see her collection of portraits and choose which ones are her 'best shots' (normally all of them!) Our print expert Natalie will airbrush the photos and print them out in our state of the art print department.

You're in safe hands with the FYEO Girls. 

For your privacy, we keep everything under one roof, offering photo shoots and printing services in house for reassuring confidentiality. You can bare as much as you want to and your pictures will never leave our care - until you sign for them.

With such a sensitive and confidential nature of photography, it has been imperitive to protect women interested in our services. We employ stringent security measures to protect your images at every step. Furthermore, we are exlusively all female run studios comprised of qualified photographers and production specialists best suited and sensitive to your needs whilst, giving your Groom assurance that your modesty has been preserved at every step.


Book your photo shoot today and let the fun begin!

Call 01494 880250 or email and speak to one of the friendly FYEO Girls.


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